When Should You Prune Your Tree’s Roots? 

When you want to keep your trees in good shape, you have to trim and prune them regularly. However, the branches and limbs aren’t the only things you need to prune. Most homeowners overlook one part of a tree that also requires pruning – the roots.  

There are a couple of reasons why you should prune the roots of your trees. However, is it important? Will pruning the roots damage your tree? 

A couple of arborists recommend pruning the roots of a tree. However, it’s only advisable if you have the right tools. If you don’t, you might need to hire a tree services Johns Creek company for help. 

Control the Growth of Your Tree 

Nobody can predict when and how a tree will grow. For instance, perhaps you thought your tree is small only to find out that it continues to grow bigger and bigger.  

If you are worried that your tree is growing too big for its space, you can prune its root to help control its growth.  

If you prune the roots of that tree, it will focus more on growing back the roots. Thus, it will slow down its growth.  

You’re Planning to Build Near the Tree 

Do you want to build something near the tree? If so, you might have to prune its roots. The reason for this is that the contractor might have to clear the ground or dig foundations.  

You should not allow the contractor to cut the roots of your tree because he might not have the knowledge on how to do it properly. If you want the tree to survive, hiring a professional is your best bet.  

You’re Planning to Move the Tree 

Usually, trees don’t grow in the right place. Perhaps they grew too much to stay in their place. You probably think your tree will thrive more in another spot.  

Though you move a tree, it’s a complicated task. You’ve got to take a lot of care to keep its roots healthy.  

To prepare a tree for a move, you will have to prune out older and longer roots. If you do it properly, it promotes the growth of new feeder roots close to the root ball. Thus, your tree will have better chances of survival.  

The Roots are Damaging Your Property’s 

Even if you have a small tree, its root system can still cover a huge area. Though they are located underground, they can still cause damage. This is particularly true if they grow into particular places on your property.  

For instance, the roots can push up the surface as they grow and spread if they get under sidewalks, driveways, and pavers. This can lead to cracks in these structures. Furthermore, tree roots are also known to block underground plumbing pipes.  

If you don’t want these things to happen, you should hire a professional tree service company to help you trim the roots of your tree.  

Once you prune the roots, you can insert barriers to stop future regrowth into that place.