Are you ready for change?

Do you desire recovery from disordered eating?

Do you want access to peer support and group-based recovery programs?

EDEN membership is currently limited to individuals over age 12 who desire recovery from disordered eating.

Your unhealthy eating behaviors do not have to meet clinical standards; however, our Guiding Principles require that you be aware that your unhealthy behaviors are detriminental to your health, and that you are willing to pursue change.

If you are ready, please send an email to info[at]edenclub[dot]org

EDEN is dedicated to helping individuals regardless of race, education, or income level.

We realize that many exhaust their insurance coverage and personal savings on therapy and inpatient treatment facilities, unsuccessful attempts at dieting and dieting products.

That is why the fee structure and donations are community based and cost-effective.

If you meet the above membership qualifications, contact us to make membership in EDEN your choice for today and open yourself to positive choices for the future.