Tips to Secure Your Lawn during Winter Season 

Once the winter season begins to creep into our homes, it would be best to prepare your yard for the incoming chilly and cold months.  If you don’t know what to do, check out the checklist of 5 essential tasks in making sure that your lawn will be winter-ready. 

Do one last lawn maintenance routine 

Such routine would be to fertilize, aerate, mow, and raking your lawn. You should never leave a pile of leaves to go into winter since they can possibly put your grasses at risk during its dormant seasons. Also, you can mulch or mow your lawn or rake up and eliminate heavier vegetation. Doing some aeration treatments would be great to help loosen compacted soil and bring essential sunlight, water, and oxygen down to make your grassroots tender. Similarly, one last autumn fertilizer treatment can make your grass have their needed energy and nutrients for them to get back well during springtime. And after their dormant season. 

Take care of perennial weeds 

Even though how much you combat weeds, you can never win the war on weeds. Similar to your turf, weeds are attempting to develop energy reserves during this season for them to survive during the wintertime. Utilizing topical herbicide is one of the easiest ways of removing pest plants on the surface of your soil and the stubborn roots under the ground. Hence, take a walk over your garden and lawn for the last time and contact the best lawn care company to treat your lawn if there are remaining weeds. 

Store your lawn tools properly 

Never forget to take care of the equipment you use to maintain your lawn. For power machines, such as edgers, string trimmers, and mowers, make sure to drain their oil and fuel and dispose of them properly. Disconnect batteries or spark plugs if you have rechargeable equipment. Scrape off any buildup of debris, mud, and grass and clean all of them properly. If needed, you have to change spark plugs, air filters, and all replaceable components.  

Handle problematic trees 

Make sure that you have thoroughly checked all of your trees on your property before the first snowfalls. Search for indicators of damage and/or disease. Cut back branches and limbs that may possibly cause damage to your parked cars, power lines, gutters, and roofs because they might be weighed down by ice or snow and snap off, which could be too dangerous. Last but not the least, you should fertilize your shrubs and trees to guarantee that they have the essential nutrients to survive over the winter season. 

Collaborate with a trusted lawn professional 

For all types of lawn care maintenance, in different seasons of the year, allow us to handle all your needs. We are your all-season and one-stop-shop for lawn services, such as pest control, weed control, and aeration services. If you want to make sure that your lawn is winter-ready, you can contact us and we will check your lawn for you. 

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