Those closest to an individual struggling with disordered eating, struggle too. We recognize the need for loved ones to have a safe place to gain support and education.

The Eating Disorder Education Network developed a “Family & Friends” Program specific for family members, friends, and loved ones.

Anyone impacted by a loved one’s disordered eating may participate in this program. While the person with disordered eating behaviors may not be ready or willing to let go of her/his behaviors yet, significant others still need support and guidance.

EDEN offers our Family and Friends Program in communities through partners and professionals and also weekly group participation via the telephone with an EDEN Consultant (Contact us).

The Family and Friends Group Program is 10 weeks in duration. Price varies by community.

Topics Include:

* Eating Disorder Myths
* Boundaries
* Being a Role Model: Stress Management & Exercise
* Nutrition/Refeeding
* Checkpoint & Encouraging Mental Health
* Assertiveness
* Limiting Beliefs
* Moving Forward: Families in Recovery